A heartfelt thank you as we begin the next phase of our journey

Introducing DocuSign Transaction Rooms (formerly Cartavi)

Since our acquisition by DocuSign back in May last year, we have been working diligently towards the goal of unifying our team and products under one great brand. That day is here. As of March 1, the Cartavi brand will be retired, and our product will become DocuSign Transaction Rooms—an integral part of the DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS offering. While the digital transaction solution you’ve come to know and love may have a new name, the innovation and drive to make your professional lives easier will continue on a whole new level.

Please take a moment to learn more about the changes you can expect to see in the coming days as we transition from Cartavi to DocuSign.

Web and mobile apps
On March 1, we will be releasing new versions of our web and mobile apps, which will be rebranded as DocuSign Transaction Rooms. Our new web app will be available once our engineers have performed their work through a maintenance period scheduled for 9 p.m. (CST), Saturday, March 1. This will be an automatic update, so there is nothing you need to do. After the update is made, you will be able to sign in through your web browser using our new web app link: https://realestate.docusign.com.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms - Web App Header


Our mobile app has a new icon and new name—DocuSign TR (short for Transaction Rooms). Both iOS and Android versions of our app will be available on March 1. To get the new app for your device, all you need to do is simply perform an update using your smartphone or tablet. If your device is not set to automatically update apps, you can get the DocuSign TR through the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms - Mobile Apps


New inbound email address
All subscribers of DocuSign Transaction Rooms (formerly known as Cartavi) will receive new inbound email addresses supported by DocuSign. The prefix of your DocuSign TR inbox will remain the same, but the suffix will change from “@mail.cartavi.com” to “@mail.docusign.net”. Any email you send to your old Cartavi inbound email address will be routed to your DocuSign Transaction Rooms inbox for 60 days after our new apps are released this weekend.

New Inbound Email Address


If you need support
Your success is important to us. A brand new support website is being developed which includes new tutorial videos and support articles to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, you can reach our support team through one of the following methods:

Finally, we would like to say thank you for your support in helping us make Cartavi what it is today. An exciting time is ahead, and we hope you’ll continue to find success with us now and in the future. This is truly only the beginning!

Warm regards,
The Cartavi (now DocuSign) team


Cartavi 3.3 features cloud service integration, in-person signing

Accessing your files and capturing signatures electronically has never been easier with Cartavi. We are thrilled to announce Cartavi 3.3, which now features cloud service integration and in-person signing.

Access granted

If you store documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft SkyDrive, you can now easily copy these files into your Cartavi account.

cartavi-web-app-add-docs cartavi-iphone-add-docs

This integration is available on all of our platforms (web, iOS, and Android), and is especially helpful when you’re away from the office and need to access and then share documents from your mobile device. What was once a process reserved for the desktop can now be done from anywhere.

Check out our cloud service integration support page to find out more on how this works.

Sign here, please

Another exciting aspect of Cartavi 3.3 is the addition of the “sign now” feature. From your tablet, you and your clients are now able to instantly sign documents using DocuSign from within the Cartavi app. Simply select a document, click “Sign,” and electronically sign the document via your tablet like you would with a pen and paper. This in-person signing capability is currently available within the Cartavi iPad and Android tablet apps.


Our in-person signing support page can provide more details.

Release date and more

Cartavi 3.3 is available now on all of our platforms. You can access our newest releases on the iTunes App Store with your iOS device or the Google Play store on your Android device. You also can stay up-to-date with the latest Cartavi news through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.

Cartavi 3.1 with zipForm® Plus Integration

Cartavi and zipForms Plus

In August, with our release of Cartavi 3.0, we set a precedent. We created a rock-solid foundation for real estate transactions containing an incredible amount of new features and user interface improvements.

Today, we are building upon that foundation.

Your Documents. Your way.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with zipLogix® to provide you the ability to easily move forms from zipForm® Plus into Cartavi. We have worked with the industry leader in real estate forms software to bring you a more powerful way to access the documents you need for your transactions.

To get started with zipForm Plus in Cartavi sign in to Cartavi, visit Settings, choose Partner Accounts and enter your zipForm Plus credentials.

zipForm credentials

You now have the power of both Cartavi and zipForm Plus available in your transactions. When you access a Cartavi Transaction Room you can add a document from a linked zipForm Plus transaction in seconds.

import from zipForm

But wait, there’s more…

In addition, we have included two new features and enhancements with our 3.1 release to help you continue to save time and increase your productivity.

Right-Click Menus

Power users rejoice. Right-clicking within Cartavi just became extremely compelling. Available on the Dashboard, Inbox, My Docs, Transactions and Network areas you can now quickly navigate through the Cartavi web application and take actions on items with less clicks. For more information on how the right-click menus work, read our support article.
right click menu

Map View

Web users can now view their transactions via the new Map View option—a view previously only available in our mobile applications. Quickly and easily locate transactions near your current location. For a complete breakdown please visit our map view and geolocation support page.

Awesome! When is this available?

Cartavi 3.1 is available today for web and in the coming days for mobile devices. Be sure to visit the iTunes App Store on your iOS device or the Google Play store on your Android device to access our newest releases.

As always, stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and our Blog for the latest news from Cartavi.

Cartavi 3.0 Release Notes: Get More Done in Less Time

Introducing Cartavi 3.0
Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Cartavi 3.0, a major update (our biggest to date) which includes a ton of improvements and new features that will save you more time and help you be more productive, whether you’re using Cartavi on your desktop or through a mobile device.

Our team worked hard for several months on this release to bring you the next version of Cartavi. We rewrote our web app to make it responsive so you could enjoy an “app-like” experience with Cartavi through a web browser on any device. We redesigned the interface on our web and mobile apps for a more cohesive and consistent experience. And finally, we added some great new features and enhancements, based in large part on the feedback we’ve received from our users – thank you!

Below are the highlights of what’s included in Cartavi 3.0.

New Responsive Design

Cartavi is now available as a fully responsive web application. The layout of our web app dynamically adjusts to the browser screen size of any desktop and mobile device. The responsive design provides an “app-like” experience for those who choose to access their Cartavi account through a mobile web browser.

Improved User Interface

Cartavi is even easier to use with a streamlined interface that provides a consistent experience across mobile devices and the web. The new navigation, icons, view options and visual cues are among many of the new features designed to help users get more done faster. Our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices now feature a fly-out navigation menu that allows you to quickly jump to key areas within your account.

The new Dashboard in Cartavi 3.0

New Time-Saving Features

We packed several new features and enhancements in Cartavi 3.0 to save you time and boost your productivity. For example, users can now drag-and-drop documents into the Cartavi web app, or email them directly into a transaction to streamline workflows. Additional enhancements include:

  • Email Documents Directly into a Transaction Room – all Transaction Rooms now include an ID number. You can now send documents directly into a room by placing a hashtag (#) in front of your room ID number in the subject line of the email that you send to your inbound address.
  • Convert an Email to PDF — we added the ability to convert your email message into a PDF document when you send it to your Cartavi inbound email address.
  • Document Previews — we updated our document interface panel in Cartavi for the web and included a new preview window, allowing you to view a document before taking action.
  • Updated transaction monitoring – smartphone users can monitor their eSignature envelopes in real time as they are routed through the signature process so they always know the status of any deal.
  • Bulk Actions for Documents — iPhone and Android smartphone users now have the ability to email, delete and move/copy multiple docs at the same time, a feature previously available in Cartavi on the web and tablet apps.
  • Map View for Smartphones — iPhone and Android smartphone users can now view their transactions through the new Map View option (previously only available in our tablet app).
  • More View Options— Web and tablet users can now choose the new List View to manage their transactions, documents, people and envelopes (in addition to Grid View).
Map Views wth Cartavi for iOS

Manage your Transaction Rooms in Map View on both smarthphone and tablet.

The new Document Preview window in Cartavi 3.0

The new Document Preview window allows you to view a documents before you take any action.

A New Foundation for Innovation – Cartavi 3.0 was redesigned from the ground up to optimize performance, broaden accessibility to more mobile devices, and provide the foundation for further innovation including our upcoming integration with zipForms, a new (very cool) unified product offering from DocuSign, and a new broker edition of Cartavi due in early 2014. There’s much more to share soon so please be sure to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

We hope you enjoy the new release and would love to receive your feedback through the comments below, or through Facebook or Twitter. And if you would like to see the new version in action, please register for one our free monthly webinars at cartavi.com/webinars.

Cartavi 3.0 is available today. If you need to create an account, please visit cartavi.com. And once you’ve created an account, be sure to download our free mobile app for your device(s) though the iTunes App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

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